April layouts

Some of the layouts I made last month

This has been a very busy month for me.
My youngest son got married on April 15th, and he invited his brother, my middle son, to come from our country to attend the wedding and stay for 22 days. We hadn’t seen him (in person) for 15 years and a half! I’ve experienced a lot of emotions, great moments shared together, trips to Universal, Key West, etc., and now a feeling of emptiness in my house and in my heart when I don’t have his daily “good night” kiss, our conversations, the awesome feeling of knowing he was sleeping in the room next to mine. He’ll be back in February, for my daughter’s wedding so I’m trying to think about that to help me with his absence, but it’s being harder than I thought.
Anyways I managed to make these pages that I’m sharing with you now.
Only one is about the reunion because I’m waiting for the prints I ordered online.

Thanks for looking.

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2 comments on “April layouts

  1. JenniferE on said:

    Sweet LOs and memories! Glad for your reunion and pray that February comes quickly for you! Congratulations on the wedding!

    • Thanks for your kind wishes!
      It was a wonderful reunion indeed, and it’s going to be better in February because he’ll be staying longer.