More layouts from our last year’s Halloween. I finally started working on those layouts. I posted a couple last week and here are more pages I’ve just finished. They are all classic layouts, not hybrids. All papers, embellishments, and elements are originals. Thanks for looking.  

First layouts from this past Halloween. This layouts are hybrids. All the elements were printed with my computer, even the background paper. Both are 8″ x 8″. We spent that night in Charlotte, N.C., visiting a friend, and received a lot of trick -or-treaters. Thanks for your visit.[…]

I finally finished scrapbooking the pics from past Halloweens. Thanks to the Project Life style I was able to make up to three pages a day! Here they are. 2004   2006   2007   2008   2009   2010 Thanks for looking.

I’ve been trying to scrapbook all the past Halloweens, Thanksgiving, and Christmas pics I have stashed in boxes. Using the Project Life style for many of them has helped me a lot because is easier and faster. Here are some of the pages I made so far.  […]

With Halloween around the corner I felt like working on the pics from past celebrations. As usual I chose the project life style which allows me to include more pics on each page, and is also faster. 1) 2001   TIP: I kept the cover of this paper[…]

I assembled this “Elsa” costume using a strapless dress, a blouse, and a window curtain for the cape, all from Goodwill. I also made the tiara I’m wearing in the pics and that’s the same that I used for the bottom border. It was really hard to combine[…]

  TIP: I cut the spiderweb, for the top right corner, from treats cellophane bags.   TIP: The two tall jars on the right were printed by me.   TIP: I printed the circles and adhered epoxy circles on top of them for a 3D effect.   TIPS:[…]

PAGE 1   PAGE 2 TIP: I used these treat bags to cut out the spiderwebs for the circle background.   PAGE 3 TIP: I printed the circles seen below and placed them under epoxy clear circles for a 3D effect.   Thanks for looking.

I had already posted this but, thanks to my daughter and her professional camera, I got these much better pics. Thanks for looking.