Old time friends, forever friends. Looking for some pics of my daughter I came across these ones featuring some of her friends from her teenage years. I found them really great to be featured in layouts about friendship so here they are. As usual, all of them are[…]

This lo won a challenge! I made this layout for a challenge that required the use of a movie about school as inspiration so I chose the 2004 film “The Class”, but I also submitted it to the “Layout” challenge, at Scrapbook.com, and it was selected as one[…]

These pages show photos of two places I love, and of a African Violet plant that means a lot to me. All these layouts are hybrids and very simple and easy to make. This African Violet is a present from my daughter. A “just because” from last June.[…]

Layouts about my family and myself. Here are some of my latest layouts. All of them are hybrids. TIP: I love distressing all the papers and embellishments borders with chalk ink. As this is not possible when they are printed on the background, I use color pencils to[…]

These 8″ x 8″ hybrid layouts were made in less than an hour each. There are no original embellishments here. All are scanned and resized copies of those originals which I printed out with my computer. This first one was entered to the July Movie Challenge at Scrapbook.com It[…]

New Layout I’ve Just Finished. On the brink of turning 65 I really, really, treasure the fact that I am at peace. Accepting the things I cannot change, focusing on changing those things I can, and having the wisdom to know the difference grants me this inner peace[…]

Miscellaneous Family Layouts. It’s already August 10! I can’t believe it. I’ve been preparing hybrids in my computer (more than 20!) in the last two weeks of July but run out of ink so I wasn’t able to print them till last week. I will be posting them[…]

More layouts for July challenges. All of them are hybrids. I found this awesome paper and it was love at first sight. The sentiment I added came immediately to my mind so I browsed my PHOTOS folder till I found the pics that I felt were a perfect[…]

Here are some layouts I’ve finished this past weekend. The “June Color Challenge“, at Scrapbook.com, requires making projects showcasing what you love about summer, while using a specific color palette. I’m finally scrapping some old pics that have been waiting in boxes for 15 years! These are some[…]

Album about my sons’ first years. I’m finally using a pre-made, 8″ x 8″, baby album I got a few years ago. I’m featuring pics of my two sons’ first years. All the layouts are being entered in the “June Guys Rule” challenge, at Scrapbook.com. Here are the[…]