Make impressive layouts with these easy tips.

Get “foam dots” from your sheet after you’ve used all of them! Well, you know me by now. I’m all about saving money on scrapbooking items. I’ve found out that the pieces of foam dots sheets that remain after I’ve used all the dots can be used as[…]

From kit cover to nice extra embellishments. As you already know, I got an amazing Websters Pages kit as a prize for winning a challenge at Well, I love using absolutely everything that comes in the kit, and that includes the covers. Those covers usually show a[…]

I came up with the idea of making this wreath after watching a “Decorating with Pinwheels” class. This is a small one because I just wanted to see how it looked before making a big one. I’m also thinking about making one in red, white and blue for[…]

1) These very inexpensive baskets (3 x $1), are great for this purpose. Unused pencils have the exact length necessary to hold the spools. I pinned a couple of them to the wall.   2) A while ago I bought these two plastic spice racks to organize more[…]

PAGE 1 1) I resized the original scanned copy from a 12×12 sheet and printed it as 8×8.   2) The “My Easter basket” tag was also printed with my computer.   PAGE 2 1) For the background border I used Corel Draw to resize the image I[…]

In this lo, as I usually do, I cut out the pieces of the background that weren’t going to be seen.   Then I used the pink piece as a matting paper for the photos. Thanks for looking.

PAGE 5 Absolutely all the embellishments in this page were printed by me. I added glitter glue to some of the details. Here you can see the resized copies that I printed for this page from the scanned originals. In this case I covered the printed embellies with epoxy[…]

Here are the steps to make a flower like the one on the lower right corner. 1) Select 3 different coordinating papers leftovers.   2) Draw three circles Diameters: 1.5″ 2″ 2.5″ Cut around the circles scalloping the borders. In this case I used a special scissor but[…]

1) As usual I cut off the parts of all the background and matting papers that were going to be covered by pics. PAGE 1   PAGE 2   2) These are all the embellishments I printed with my computer. PAGE 1   PAGE 2   PAGE 3[…]

1)  I  cut out all the parts of the different background papers that were going to be covered by pics.   2) I resized scanned copies of these embellishments and printed them out. Thanks for looking.