Make impressive layouts with these easy tips.

PAGE 1 The red circle under the cake is the tag that came with a kitchen oven mitt.   I used one of those paper fasteners used in binders to make this accent.   PAGE 2 I keep the cardstock tag that comes on top of the whipped[…]

To be able to include 12 photos in this page I made a booklet. I used this 12 x 12 double sided page cutting it in half so I got the pages for the booklet. I cut this two pieces from one side of the page to use[…]

PAGE 90 As usual, I cut a window on the page protector to be able to open the folder without removing the page from the protector.   PAGES 90 AND 91: All the tags shown below were printed by me after resizing scanned copies of the originals. Thanks[…]

To add a bit of a “royal” look to Belle’s dress I glittered some parts of it and added the rhinestones. Thanks for looking.

As I posted a while ago, I buy gift bags (3 x $1 at the Dollar Tree) and cut them to use the different parts as matting paper, embellishments, etc. Here is one of them used as matting paper for the Snow White picture. This is the original[…]

PAGE 79 The background sheet of this lo is the one I cut the corner from for Page 70. I covered the corner space with a leftover paper I cut out from under the pic when making Page 73.     PAGE 76 I cut out the piece[…]

PAGE 69 1) The envelope I used here is the one inside of which the booklet from page 68 came.   2) I added glitter to the magic wand and cut the border of the star to insert the pic.   3) These embellies were printed by me:[…]

PAGE 66 These are the embellies I printed with my computer: The black tag that reads “Magic”     The black tag with hearts, the white one with red stripes, the one with the photo cameras, and the one that reads “PHOTO”     The tag (cut in[…]

PAGE 1 The house and the fence were printed by me on a transparency film from these scanned copies of the originals.     PAGE 2 In this case the tree has been printed on a transparency film. PAGE 3 This tag was printed with my computer.  […]

1) Page 2: The top border is made of one of those elastic bands used for pony tails.   2) I used the remaining of the pink sheet from Page 4 to make the bottom border on Page 5   3) For this page I also cut the[…]