Make impressive layouts with these easy tips.

I reduced the two 12×12 scanned copies of the pages shown below to fit the book in just one sheet. Then added the journaling and printed them.   I took two chipboard pieces (those that come in the postbound albums), cut them in three and adhered them to[…]

PAGE 59 1) I printed an 8×8 page that then I cut in half to use as corners on the main sheet. 2) I also printed these two embellies:   PAGE 60 1) This is the original sheet I started with I printed the fireworks border to cover[…]

1)  99% of the embellies on this lo were printed by me. Only the3 pennants with the arrow, on the top, the yellow tag with red and white, on the left, the border with the swirls and stars, at the bottom, the “All smiles” sticker, on the photos,[…]

Almost all the embellies in these pages were printed by me. The track and the borders were originally black and white.   I filled the white spaces with yellow using my Corel Photo Paint software.       I resized the original frame to fit the different photos.[…]

1) I used the leftover from page 37 to make this lo. After cutting the half circle for that page I got this piece to which I added a half circle of black paper. PAGE 37 Leftover with the black half circle added.   This is a double[…]

1) Again I used an envelope to be able to add more pics to the same page. This allowed me to scrapbook 21 photos in just one lo. I made the envelope and then cut two stripes of blue paper on which I added photos on both sides.[…]

PAGE 52: 1) As I posted a while ago, I printed out several 8×8 pages. One of them is the dotted red one I used in this lo.   Page 53: 1) The top stripe of paper that I cut from the sheets that come in spiral bound[…]

PAGE 50 1) Using a cutter I cut out the sphere from the original page and adhered it to a solid blue one.   2) All these embellishments were resized from the scanned copies of the originals and printed by me with my computer.   PAGE 51 1)[…]

PAGES 45 I printed an 8 x 8 scrapbooking paper with my printer.   Then I cut it in half to make the page corners.   On the back I cut out the corners of the background paper that were hidden under the ones I had printed.  […]

1) This tag was printed with my computer.   2) I used one of those bags clips that comes with bread, potatoes, etc. as a tag.   3) I cut the bottom left corner of the background paper.  Then I cut a corner of another paper, a little[…]