I’M BACK! (and sharing a new album)

Engagements Layouts.

The last three months I’ve been very busy planning and preparing my daughter’s wedding (last February 3rd.). We worked together a lot because almost everything was handmade.
The wedding was perfect and I’m happier than happy.
I can’t wait to start working on those pictures but it will take a long time before I can even get them to print them because she’s working on retouching them and there are around 700 selected from more than a thousand.
I know I have to finish posting the layouts of her 2017 birthday and I promise to do it next time.
Right now I want to share the album I’ve just finished with the pics of my youngest son, and my daughter’s engagements.
They got engaged in October 2016, within a week from each other.
My son proposed to his then girlfriend (they got married on April 15th., 2017) during a trip to Vermont, to celebrate there 7th anniversary.
They were canoeing when he pop the question.
My now son in law, proposed a week later, at their apartment, and the way she chose to let me know was really funny. I’ll explain it above the layout about it.



My now daughter in law took the time to write each envelope by hand!


And now here’s the story behind the pic in this layout:
I knew my daughter’s then boyfriend had a very bad cold so when she sent me this pic saying “Mom, Abdiel and me are having a cold”, I started answering “Well, it was supposed to happen because…”, and only then I noticed the ring!!! What a funny way to let me know he proposed. Lol!



The Save the Date envelopes and notes were created and printed at home by my daughter.


The day my son and his now fiancee returned we had a small celebration for the four of them.


Thanks for looking.

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