Hybrid, Project Life, and classic.

I’ve been working on several projects lately and I’m sharing some of the pages I made with you here.

These three are classic layouts about our last Halloween.
All the elements are original, nothing has been printed by me.

1) I’ve used a couple of stamps here, on the top and bottom right corners.
I don’t know about you but I have a lot of stamps but find it hard to choose a place in the pages to use them so I rarely stamp anything.
As there’s a monthly “Use Your Stamps” challenge at, I’ve started using them more often.

2) I bought some Halloween window decals at the Dollar store and I used them here: the haunted house and the flying ghost are some of those decals.

3) As I use the same album for the Halloween layouts for two or three years I always make a separating page to place in between each year lot. Again, the “Happy Halloween” banner is a window decal. I used a regular double sided tape runner to adhere it to the paper.


The next two are hybrid ones.
1) I prepared the background paper blending two different papers and printing them together. All the embellishments were also printed by me.

2) Here the cards, the stamp with the couple, and the circle are printed separately, all the other elements are blended together before printing.

Finally two versions of Project Life style.
1) This is a regular P.L. layout, all the elements (cards, borders, stickers, etc.) are originals.

I didn’t use the classic P.L. page protector with pockets, instead I adhered all the elements to a solid white background paper.

2) And this one is a complete hybrid and all the cards and photos are blended and printed together.

Remember that I made a video tutorial (3 classes) on how to make hybrid layouts.
The first class can be watched here.

Thanks for looking.

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