More Theme Park Fun NSD Challenge Layouts

As promised here are six more layouts I made for this challenged hosted by
NOTE: I had to print almost all the embellishments because I had the original ones but lost all of them (fortunately I had scanned them), now they have been discontinued so I was unable to buy them again. I had the papers so that’s great, they have also been discontinued.

I’ve just bought what for me is a new tool, though I know it’s been on the market for a while. It’s the Gyro-Cut, and it’s amazing! It requires a little practice but it’s perfect for cutting everything without having to rotate the paper. It helps a lot with rounded and intricate images. I suffer from arthritis and was worried because cutting with scissors was becoming more and more difficult, this tool is the best option for me. I got a great deal on eBay so I paid $5 less than it costs in more sites/stores.

Here are the layouts.

In my next post I’ll show you the last six layouts I submitted for this challenge.

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