Remembering the victims of so many tragedies.

Today is World Gratitude Day and I can’t stop thinking of those who are now suffering the devastating consequences of these past weeks disasters. My heart goes to them and my gratitude to those who are working hard to help.
I’m also grateful for not having had any major problems after Irma.
I feel some kind of survivor guilt. I can’t fully enjoy the daily things that make me happy because my mind goes constantly back to those in pain now, and I think that this is how I must feel now. Grateful, worried, and sad.
This is a lo I truly needed to make.

How I made it: I printed the large circular map on white cardstock, then overlapped a blue vellum sheet with the heart shape cut off.

Thanks for looking.


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2 comments on “WHERE MY HEART IS NOW…

  1. It’s beautiful and touching. I hope the designing and creating of it help you process some of your feelings of grief and sadness.

    • Thank you so much, Sue. Yes, it helped somehow. Anyways it seems that we go from one tragedy to another. Awful times really.